marketing strategy

great marketing based on solid foundations

Marketing Strategy

The aim of marketing is to know the customer so well that The Product or service sells itself.


This is the magic of our strategy workshops. We are laser-focused on a brand’s ideal customers, their unique needs, and how to stand out as their most compelling choice.

These ideals form the foundation of our strategy workshop and are the heartbeat of the greatest brands in existence today.

Strategy Workshops

Six half-day workshops delivered either in person or via zoom.


Articulate your offer on one page with this rapid market-fit tool.


Craft compelling offers that will ascend trust with your customers.


Discover what makes your ideal clients tick with empathy mapping.


Articulate your customer-centric vision, mission, brand voice and brand energy.


Map your strategy with Huddle as your guide, identifying clear and actionable pathways.


Plan the buyer journey for your brand and leverage the immense power of automation.

Marketing today is a sea of confusing concepts, acronyms, challenging technology and FOMO inducing options.

Success is the by-product when you work toward the target.

– Howard Schultz

Our half-day workshops develop focus and marketing acuity amongst all workshop participants, developing a shared understanding and common goal.

We Ask the Right Questions

What matters most? We’re good at this.

We are known for our ability to draw out a client’s genius by asking the right questions. 

What will your lightbulb moment be?

What They Say

"The Huddle Up team have been EXTRAORDINARY for our business, the first meetings consisted of getting in the mindset of our customers and that has helped us convert more leads, Melinda and her team have been an essential part of our success, we view them as long term partners for our business."

Alberto Flores
Marketing Director, Endobariatric

"Huddle Up provide a very modern and innovative way of providing marketing consulting combined with an old fashioned way of delivery in that they provide a lot of additional value and make sure you are completely satisfied before completion. There were numerous follow ups, testing and checking in to make sure I understood what can be a complex area. I am very excited to be able to go to the next step with marketing my business"

Geoff Ivanac
Real Life Financial Planning

"If I had to choose one word to describe the Huddle Up Creative team it would be: DEDICATED. They actually become part of YOUR team and want your business to be successful as much as you do. They treat YOUR business like it’s their own and dive into the brand experience from an emotional point of view.

Everything they do is thought out in minuscule detail - and most importantly, they think outside the box and into the future to ensure the work that you put in now will help you in the long term, not just as a quick fix to pump up your exposure only to have it collapse.

Dr Katherine


Planning to project execution in rapid time.

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