Attracting Your Ideal Customers

Jun 29, 2021 | Blog

All business owners ask themselves the same question: how do I attract and convert customers? The answer lies with your ideal Customer Avatar.

Get inside your ideal customer’s head when crafting marketing material by having a deep understanding of who you’re speaking to.

Tailor your brand story to speak to them – connecting with their goals, pain points and challenges – sparking a more empathetic connection!

Once you have them feeling ‘this brand gets me’ they’ll want to know more…

This will move them from interested to engaged and finally – into action.

Getting to know your customers

This is why your Customer Avatar (or Customer Persona) is so important. It’s not just another marketing activity or tool, but the backbone of successful marketing and the key to a thriving, attractive brand.

By downloading our Customer Avatar Worksheet, you can start documenting everything you know about your ideal customer, including how they think and feel.

Understanding your Niche

This works best when you already have a few customers because you can survey your existing client base (no matter how small) to understand future customers better.

You will, no doubt, have some customers who you like more than others. Make these your ideal prototypes.

New niche?

Sometimes when launching a service or product to a new audience, we may not know enough about the customer.

To ensure marketing success, it’s important to find this information. Here are some strategies for this:

  • Find where your ideal customer hangs out and interview them. Offer an incentive for them to spend the time with you.
  • Ask friends and family if they know anyone and see if you can connect with them.
  • Commission research.
  • Research your competitors.
  • Read online forums and blogs on your niche topics.
  • Read your competitors 1 star reviews to find out what really grinds their gears.

Now…. write content with your Customer Avatar in mind.

Your customer avatar should serve as a messaging test so you can be sure that anything you create, from a simple blog post through to a new product, resonates with your desired audience.

You’ll find yourself making smart ad choices, better utilising the best social channels for your audience, and creating compelling content. You’ll deliver on your brand promise to serve your customers in a way that inspires and delights them.

Need some help in defining your ideal Customer Avatar?

Download our Customer Avatar Worksheet and go deep.

Discuss with your team and pick the brains of your audience whenever you can.

Name your new avatar something you’ll remember, like “Sustainable Sam” or “Mama Mary”.

Now when you make decisions on marketing or product development with your team, you’ll have this perfect persona (avatar) in mind and base your decisions on what they want.

Your team will start using their names in conversation, things like;

“Sustainable Sam won’t buy this because our packaging is plastic, so we should get an environmentally friendly packaging option”.

Boom! You’ve just nailed the heart of successful marketing.


Download the Customer Avatar Worksheet

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